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Our Customers:

Over the years, U.S. Air Ambulance has received many letters from families whose expressions of gratitude have touched our staff.  Following are excerpts of a few of these letters.  Our hope is that you may feel our dedication to our patients:

"I would highly recommend your company to anyone who needed your service.  You have the most caring crew I have ever met.  They took great care of my grandfather and my mother's flight back home safe and comfortable."

Maribel Lee - Scotch Plains, NJ

"I want to thank you for all that you did for me and Lori.  You are a true "life saver" and we continue to sing your praises whenever we talk about the entire incident."

Rabbi David C. Seed - Yardley, PA

"My wife and I were impressed with your efficiency in arranging the ground and air transportation, and with your empathy and understanding of our concerns for my father's welfare."

Dr. & Mrs. Duane Schultz - Clearwater, FL

"Without the personal attention graciously and willingly provided by Mr. Carothers and Ms. McLaughlin, this urgent airlift would not have occurred so expeditiously."

Barbara M. Chin - Fountain, CO

"I can not thank you enough for all your support, your understanding, hard work and attention to all the little details. Each time, I knew that I did not have to worry about anything because you had everything about the flight under control.  The flight crew and medical staff were friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of the flight and the medical condition of my mother.  They made us quite comfortable about the whole situation even though my mother was on a ventilator.

What more can I say than thank you for finally bringing us all together and making it happen."

Sharon Kaiser and the Toback family - Greensboro, NC

"En nombre de mi familia te agradezco enormemente todo lo que hiciste por mi hermana LUZ STELLA.  La atencion que le dieron fue excelente, sinceramente los felicito por su servicio, y a ti te admiro por ese sentido humanitario que mostraste en todo momento.

Espero algun dia conocerte en otras circunstancias, mientras tanto recibe un abrazo muy fuerte."


ISABEL GIOVANNETTI M. - Bogota, Columbia 

"I am so grateful to everyone who helped us!  The doctors were fantastic!  After talking to the neurologists at Hopkins I now know that the doctors literally saved her life.  It was very hard for me while she was in the hospital in France.   It wasn't until we got to Hopkins that I started to comprehend her situation.

Thank you so much for your concerns and your help in transporting us to Baltimore.  I really can't thank you enough but, as a parent, I think that you can understand my deep, deep gratitude.  I hope you realize your job is very, very worthwhile and families like ours will be eternally grateful!!!!"

Valerie Dishman - Baltimore, MD

"Just wanted to say thank you for making a very difficult time for Alta Rufton and her brother, Robert Hinkle as easy as possible. You helped us fulfill Alta's last wish of returning to her true home. Thanks again for your kindness."

Jeannie Janneillo - Rochester, NY

"My husband and I wanted to thank you and your whole staff for the caring concern that you showed us.  Each time I called with a question--be it about luggage or our cat, the positive response gave me such peace of mind.

The professional manner that you all had was coupled with a warm concern that we both felt.  It helped put the nightmare behind us.  And, despite the cold and the snow we are both very relieved to be home."

Polly S. Freese - Francstown, NH

"Thank you for safely transporting our loved one Sam Halloway from D.C. to Florence, S.C.  Sam is convalescing and continues to improve everyday.  It is good trained people like you that help to make the world a better place.  May God continue to bless you!"

Carrie Brook & the family of Sam Halloway 

"I want you to know how grateful we all are that you were able to make all the arrangements so quickly to get him home to San Diego.  Everyone was so nice and efficient and the pilot did a great job.  Everything was so smooth.  My husband did pass away. It was so important to us that he be here and all our family could be with him."

Judith Giobhel and family - La Mesa, CA

"You all are a great "team"

Just a little note with a very large "Thank You".  I wanted to thank everyone with your service for being so kind and understanding at a time of such stress.  Ken & Jason took my husband to a very good hospital when flying us to the states from Jamaica. Thank you again.  Due to their fine judgment my husband is doing fine."

Lynda Moyer - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

"As I tried to express to you on the telephone this morning, my whole family is very grateful to you and your associates for the first rate job you did yesterday in safely transporting my mother who had just broken her hip from a hospital in Ellsworth, Maine to a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a total of about four hours.  Your whole team responded quickly and professionally to a very challenging assignment - quickly moving a very ill 84-year-old woman, needing constant bottled oxygen, about 600 miles. Complicating matters further at the time she was moved she was still recovering from quadruple by-pass heart surgery performed only a month before.

While recognizing and clearly explaining to us the risks inherent in moving any patient who is that ill, your advice was always sound and totally in agreement with what others in the medical community were advising us.  Your team remained calm and competent throughout these past few days - days that have been very tough for us."

Walter L. Foulke - Philadelphia, PA

"I want to thank you and your staff for your help in making our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling.  Having Mom and Dad here in Sacramento has reduced my worry about them being in Battle Creek, Michigan alone.  My wife and I see them often and have holiday celebrations with them throughout the year.  This was all possible only with your help and your staff."

Thomas J. Sebo, Cheryl K. Young, John and Emma Sebo & Dad's cat Smoky - Carmichael, CA

"It seems hard to believe it was only a month ago that we engaged your services to bring my critically ill mother home from Barbados.  Because she has improved so (she says just because she was able to come home!) and because the whole experience was so frightening, it seems like it was years ago.  But it wasn't ... and my reflecting back on the situation, confirms my belief that everything started to look up the minute I contacted you and your staff.  From the moment I first heard your reassuring words, that you could solve my transportation problems in the safe and medically appropriate way that the situation demanded, I stopped feeling panic-stricken. Hope was coming in the form of your staff.

There were so many things that you said and did to make this possible that it would be impossible to recount them all.

As you know, my sister had called a few other similar ambulances, but none of the other people offered her the options or level of comfort that sounded to me was standard practice with your concern.  And none could have been as kind, patient, and seemingly interested as you were or as forgiving with my endless calls and questions.  In the end, it was your willingness to share in this whole experience in every way that had won me over ... and even at that, you succeeded in surpassing my expectation.

Should you come across a potential cautious patron, please feel free to have them contact me.  I would want them to be reassured that they are definitely in good hands with all at your concern."

Lynne Edwards for Helen Gronich and family - Petersham, MA